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    Almaty Metro System-Unique Architecture with Modern Touch

    Almaty Metro System

    To be frank, I really underestimated Almaty in all aspects at initial stage.

    This is common for a amateur traveler like me.

    However, seriously I love Almaty, especially the way the city  developed and maintained.

    Very clean city and very safe city too for travelers.

    If you are a public transport dependent traveler, than this is really awesome place

    where public buses and metro train services are very much available at any corners.

    The beautiful snow caped mountains which are running parallel to the town makes your navigation much easier.

    About the people, they are very friendly and very helpful.

    watch the video for further info…..



  • Silk Road


    Silk Road 

    Silk Road is literally not a specific road, but it is the way where Asia and Mediterranean regions developed. Starting Xian, China to Mediterranean Region. At ancient time, silk was one of the popular trade and eventually cultures and technologies exchanged with so many sub elements. My journey started from Xian, China. However, this video shows the journey from Urumqi, China to Kazakhstan border. The spectacular view begins at 1:46. Don’t miss

    Public Transport

    There were no many options to reach Kazakhstan via overland. However, sleeper buses very much available but the difficult part was finding the Nian zhi Gou Bus Station which took nearly half day for me to find. This was my first sleeper bus experience which was life time memories and experience. Finally all the hassles were paid off. Kindly share this video, who knows my journey can be yours or others one day. Thank you