Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) Trekking Trekking in Nepal, especially the Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) was completely a new adventure for us, in fact I will say the attempt was a little premature for us, because none of us has reached more than  1000m except Nuben who have reached Mount Fuji (3776m) and Ganesan, Gunung Tahan (2,187m). Most of us were travelers but not experienced trekkers. However, I had a promising instinct to reach ABC without any issue but little fear kept surrounding my mind, especially the 4130m altitude sickness. Our preparation wasn’t much on trails but most of the time watching Youtube videos and discussing through a whatsapp group. We managed to get most of our gears from Decathlon and Sports Direct. But, we focused more on getting durable and quality shoes here before reaching Nepal, so most of our shoes were purchased from Columbia store in Pavillion, KL. Pristine Nepal Treks and Expedition Our initial plan was trekking Annapurna independently. But after more literature, we decided to hire porters and guides. Luckily, we ended up with Pristine Nepal, a trekking agency which is well grounded in the Himalayan region. The reason for us to have confidence with Chin Tapa, wasn’t because of his reasonable price but because of his personal experience on trek. He started his career as porter at the age of 19 for 3 years. His life wasn’t easy until he upgraded himself to a guide. He worked as guide for 12 years and subsequently he obtained his Bachelor Degree in Humanities from a reputable university in Nepal. Chin Tapa established Pristine Nepal Treks and Expedition in 2017 and now he is one the busiest trekking operator in Nepal. The best part about Chin Tapa is, he only charges for what he says (no hidden charges), very reliable, caring and a very responsible trekking operator. Nayapul to Brenthati On 2nd April, 2018 we easily reached Nayapul – our trekking starting point at 5pm from Pokhara by van, The journey from Pokhara to Nayapul took about 2 hours. Nayapul is a little town/village where more drastic construction and development was seen. Our first day of trekking was only for approximately 1.5 hours and more on dusty roads. It was a pretty easy trek full of beautiful village scenes. We reached Brenthati, a village around 7 pm and spent a night there. Accommodation and food was sold for very reasonable price. A Single room only cost around 300 Nepal Rupees, around 4USD Birethanti to Ulleri (1,960m) Trekking the second day to Ulleri was significantly tough and tiring even though the trails just passing by some villages. The continuous staircases for 6 to 7 hours trekking approximately 12 km in distance was a really rough testing ground for our stamina and fitness. More ascending treks compared to descending. My knee and back never hurt this much before. Next post will covering trekking from Ulleri to Phoon Hill which covers mind blowing landscapes especially the colorful Rodendrum flowers . Stay tuned. Thanks