Despite the hassle in Mohan, the overland journey from Seremban(Malaysia) to Kunming was sucsessful. Now,  I had to travel more than 6,000km overland to reach my goal (Seoul) from Kunming. I still had half way journey left to complete. A little depression, loneliness and excitement was building up and my health wasn’t in a good state. It was a Similar health condition during my Seremban to Bangkok journey a few weeks back. I know its a common issue to be mentally ill when your body is also ill. ‘Pneumonia on board’ I left Kunming to Shanghai before the night Sundram left Kunming to Kuala Lumpur. On that night, the weather was very cold and was raining too. My initial problem due to pneumonia hasn’t been cleared completely even after taking Augmentin for 7 days. My lungs were troubled badly. I started to have tachycardia with some mild fever. My lungs were filling up with phlegm and I knew that wasn’t a good sign. At the same time, I was terribly demotivated and my mind didn’t allow me to take further steps. At some point, I had a thought to go back hom However, I was very confident that all these psychological stress I’m facing is to truly to recover my physiological system, in fact to put my body to complete rest. This was one of the critically challenging part of being solo on the road. When you fall sick, there will be no one you can lean on. The moment I reached the train station, I bought two packs of peanuts. Peanuts are a natural remedy to clear the phlegm in your lungs . I have tried it before and it worked perfectly for me. So, I was hoping that the 38 hours train journey with two packs of peanuts will give me a good rest and recover my lungs. Fortunately, I managed to get lower birth (CNY 550) and ‘thank to peanut’ the following day my lungs relaxed very much. The view while crossing the country side of China for 38 hours by train was utterly fruitful. CNY 550 enough to cover Accommodation cost for 2 nights  , Transportation cost for 2660 km distance travel, The priceless views of countryside and importantly, the people and travelers The Bund- Night View Even though Shanghai was just my transit stop before i reach Qindao, I really did not wish to miss The Nanjing Road and the Bund, especially the night view. Places in Shanghai are well connected by the metro system and fortunately many of them do speak English. The Bund area was fabulously and brilliantly lighted up. The night view became an excellent ground for me to test my night photography skills taught by Sundram in Kunming. The only sad part was, it was too crowded THAT’S ALL FOR THIS PART OF MY AMAZING JOURNEY FROM KUALA LUMPUR TO SEOUL. THANK YOU ALL FOR READING AND DO NOT FORGET TO SHARE AND COMMENT ON THIS POST. UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN IN THE GRAND FINALE OF THIS JOURNEY, KEEP ON TRAVELLING! =)