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    Heavenly lake

    Heavenly lake or best known as Tianchi lake is one of those  places  where you shouldn’t  miss during your Silk Road journey, espeacially Urumqi. Initially I wanted to visit the heavenly lake by my own, without a guide or travel agency but unfortunately I ended up with a  travel agency by no choice. The journey to heavenly lake by van wasn’t heavenly for me because I was the only non-Chinese speaking ‘Alien’ among the other tourist. Sadly the tour guide didn’t even speak or explain  any single word in English. The 2 hours journey from Urumqi town to the lake wasn’t that pleasant to me but the moment the van touched the entrance, the “what the hell ” mood completely changed to “what the heaven ” mood.

    From the entrance, a well organized and complete systematic way of transportation was arranged by the management. Since the lake is located in the range of Tian Shan Mountain, another hour of journey was needed to reach to the top. The lake is 1,907 metres (6,257 ft) above the sea level, covering 4.9 square kilometres (1.9 sq mi), 105 metres (344 ft) deep at the deepest point (source, wikipedia)


    Crystal clear water, undisturbed nature, postcard looking scenery and heavenly feeling lake, are the few best words to describe the lake. Even though the lake is very much commercialized, but the government of China ?? acted  very cautiously in preserving the beauty. No one is allowed to touch the water or get into the water. The Tian Shan snow caped mountain as backdrop gives an elegant and spectacular look and able to lock your view for long time. The sad part was the place was too crowded and noisy with people taking selfies…..


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