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Fear of getting food poisoning during travel is very common among many. For some people the fear ‘infects’ many days earlier before they reach the destination. For some, the fear itself obstruct the way for long travel. What is diarrhea actually? To be honest, diarrhea is not a disease. It’s just part of your innate immune system as vomiting, coughing and sneezing. The function is just to eliminate and eradicate the pathogens from your bowel at initial stage of exposure, so that the pathogens do not invade you fast and deeper. If it happens, let it go, go , go an completely go. Do not use medication at initial stage. Drink water as much as possible to avoid dehydration. When you try to stop, the pathogens grow more and more.

However, understanding diarrhea fully can be the only way to manage the bowel well during long distance travel. The bad news is no travelers can escape from this. The good news is the bowel disturbance is very much avoidable completely if you can follow my way.

Accept the ecosystem/destination completely as it is.

This is an alternative way which prepare you psychologically before physiologically. Pretty ridiculous maybe, but sincerely wherever I go, I eat what that particular nature provides, what is available there without criticizing or rejecting. Really works on me. I believe critics and rejection are kind of challenges towards particular nature which may bring negative impact. “Do Not Challenge The Nature” that is my Manthra.  Acceptance is a kind of positive approach. It boost your immune system in advance and eventually help you to prepare for the worst.

Consume ‘light food’ before or during long distance journey.

Avoiding meat is the best option if you want to travel without bowel problem. Meat  and poultry  foods are most vulnerable to bacterial contamination compare to any other food. Therefore, look for fruits such banana which is high in calorie and vitamins. Dried fruits such raisin, dates and prunes are good options as well where they are high in calorie too. The advantages are, fruits are cheap, no cooking needed and importantly keep your stool super soft.

Prepare your own food before your journey.

This going to be little harder way for some travelers but seriously this can help keep your bowel healthy along the road. If you are hostel dependent traveler, more easier. Majority hostel provides kitchen facility to cook, why not take little effort to cook/prepare some simple food such spaghetti, sandwiches or salads before you leave.

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October 14, 2016 at 5:30 am

Great article.. Great info for my upcoming trip to Assam…

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