• Transsiberian Train Journey

    Sunpath Hostel, Ulaanbaatar

    Many thanks to Ms Doljmaa, the Sunpath Hostel Manager who helped me many ways without charging me extra. I had wonderful stay there. Since I was lazy to go to the bus station to book my ticket to Ulan Ude Russia, so I approached Ms Doljmaa. As promised she managed to get me the ticket before the departure day and she did arranged the transport as well for me to go to the bus station early in the morning.

    It was 7 am and the temperature was 1-4 degree Celsius. Seriously, i didn’t expect and didn’t prepare for this kind weather in Ulan Bataar during early summer. The driver drove me to the station. I entered into the station and after few minutes walk, you know what………..OMG OMG OMG it was a RAILWAY STATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha. By the time I rush back to the entrance, the driver has left. I was helpless.

    It was completely my fault, can’t blame neither Doljmaa nor the driver. I should have asked him earlier or notified him. The problem was, I assumed the driver is heading to the bus station. Anyway, I only have half an hour time to catch the bus and the interesting part was, I didn’t know where the bus station is located and importantly I cant speak Mongolian language.

    Ms Doljma, the one standing

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