• Transsiberian Train Journey

    Children’s Festival in Mongolia

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    Since my bus ticket to Ulan Ude (Russia) was confirmed as on 2nd June 2015, I had only two options on my last day in Mongolia. Visit Gorkhi-Terelj National Park or attending children’s day in Mongolia. Without second thought I decided to spend time with childrens where I can visit Gorkhi-Terelj National Park any day anytime in the future. To be frank I didn’t aspect the event to be such colorful and meaningful. The childrens were more friendly than expected. Luckily the temperature wasn’t bad as previous days (1 degree Celsius).
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    mongolia children

  • Transsiberian Train Journey

    My Vodka Friends

    Ulan Ude to Moscow
    Ulan Ude to Moscow

    This journey was an ‘unexpected diamond’ from my bucket list. My first solo journey which turned to be my longest journey ever. The journey which pushed me to the furthest and the journey which identified myself precisely to me. The Transiberian train journey is world longest train journey which covers 9,258km (6,152 miles) between Moscow and Vladivostok,and takes seven days. However, my journey was started from Ulan Ude a small city which located nearby Irkutsk. It was 5 days journey with spectacular views and ‘friendly Russians’.

    'Vodka Friends'
    Ivan (below) and (hard to recall his name) were traveling next to my cabin. They are locomotive drivers who traveling from Irkutsk to Moscow. They were in regular ‘Russian Mood’ for initial 2 days but thank god eventually they turned to be more friendly and brotherly. They  were more generous  offering  food and sharing their precious vodka. Thanks to Russian vodka and google translator.  
    Siberian Throne'
    My Siberian Throne for 5 days


    Narges and her mother were sharing my cabin for 1 day journey which ended in Kazan. Since Narges spoke literally good English we had good conversation throughout the journey, mainly Russian Politics. Even though the country was facing hard time with EU economical sanction and war with Ukraine, Narges has confident that Russians will overcome the crisis easily.

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